Here is everything you wanted to know about slots and didn’t know whom to ask!

What are slots Slots are the most popular games at the casino. They are considered to be the classic games at most of the places of the world. Especially because when casinos started appearing around the world, slots were one of the first machines that were installed and also became synonymous with the popularity of the casinos.

How does a slot look like

A Slot is also referred to by various names. One of the nomenclatures is that of the “one armed bandit”. This name is attributed to the fact that when slot machines were first manufactured, they had to be rolled by pulling down a lever on the right hand side. And because a lot many lost the stakes than those who actually won it, it was conferred with this pseudonym. A slot machine comprised of a box like machine with a screen. It comprises of various reels and rolls that are marked with various symbol. There is a drum in the inside. The mechanics of the slot machine is that when a person pulls a lever or as we find the modern day machine with a touch button, the drum inside starts rolling and then at a point of time, it stops rolling. The symbols that are facing the front of the drum will determine whether the person playing has won the jackpot or not.

What Are Paylines?

Winning and losing at the slots is greatly determined by the paylines which is created by the reels in a specific pattern. The modern day slot machines allow the paylines to be determined by the player itself before actually spinning the slots. Depending mainly on the payline that is chosen by the player, the stake of the bet will vary from game to game.

How are online slots different?

There are at least a thousand of casinos on the internet. there are still some people who may play very well on a real casino slot but when it comes to playing at an online casino, they fret and get nervous. If you are also one of them, then here is nothing really to worry about. On this page we will be telling you exactly how slots in the real casino and online casino are different.

What Is A Spin?

A spin is the rotating of the drum in the slot machine that allows the reels to rotate and then stay still when they have stopped rotating. The jackpot is usually won by a player whose reels stops and all the symbols on the front side show the same image. However this is the most basic payline. The paylines in different machines can be determined in different ways. Every machine will have set of instructions which will help you determine what the payline for the machine can be. You may carefully read them and then settle down on it before taking a plunge

What are the various types of slots in an online casino

There are basically six types of online slots. They are

  • Video slots
  • The Classic three reel slot
  • 5 reel slots
  • 3D slots
  • Classic fruit slot
  • Progressive slots

The online slots simplified The slots at the online casinos can be divided broadly into three based on the chances that the player has for winning them. The technical term that we use for this is called the “variance of the online slots”.

What should you consider before choosing the style of the slot Simply speaking, the choice of slots will depend big time on the style that the player adopt to play and the dispensable budget that he or she has in order to play.

The medium variance slots

This is the most common of the slots and found dime a dozen in every online casino. the risk afforded is medium and the loser of the game can also reasonable manage to stay afloat of the unnecessary debts.

There is better variety online There is a mind blowing range of the different types of slots. There may at least be a thousand varieties which again depend on the company that is hosting it and marketing it. Still for the purpose of categorizing them, online slots will fall into any one of the above categories.

The high variance slots This is a slot that may demand strong nerves and even stronger patience. The stakes are huge investments. When a player loses a high variance slot, it can be devastating and can even lead to legal insolvency. But the heartening fact is that the payout of the high variance slot is so high that it is the most attractive of all slots. This may be the precise reason why the high variance slots are mostly preferred by the people even when they look like they cannot afford to lose!

The low variance slots This is the game for the entry level players. The idea of having low stake slots at the online casinos is that before the player starts to play with his money this low variance slots afford him the time and the energy to make some money. Also, while playing at this low risk slots, the player can understand the rules of the game clearly and not make a mistake once he decides to increase his stake percentage!